Through A Mother’s Eyes – Mary’s monologue

…Been thinking today… as I’m busy cooking and wrapping – of the amazing and incredible difference the birth of Jesus has made in my life!  I’ve often thought about what life must have been like for Mary, Jesus’ mother – and the difference his birth made in her life.  I was able to share some of these thoughts for a Christmas service about ten years ago. I found the video footage someone had made for me (amidst some other “antiques”). Though the footage (and acting) is rough…I hope this can help you connect a little more closely to the birth of Jesus.  (Thanks to Ali Mackall, Anthony Ciotti and Diana Mouzakis for the songs they sang – clips of which I included).  Though I left out most of the singing from the program, if I were more technically astute I would have put the remainder of the songs in the background.  (I haven’t learned how to do that yet.)

Click on this link to view:    

(while the script is longer and has a copywrite...I'm eager to share it. Just please contact me. Thanks.)

Have a wonderful Christmas.  May the birth, life, death and resurrection of our Lord make all the difference in your life as well.