My “Morning Cup Devotional” Book Series

Morning_Cup_LogoThe books in My “Morning Cup Devotionals” series feature anecdotes from the simple to the sublime. As I share my convictions, faith, and the Scriptures, these stories from my “real life” are sure to deepen your walk with God and invigorate your soul.

My Morning Cup:

I worked on this book for about five years…but it had been working on me for a life time.  I feel so blessed to have my “cup of learning” from God refilled on a daily basis.  I’ve heard from many that this book has helped them better learn to apply the Scriptures to their own life situations.  I hope you will be enriched as we share a morning cup together.

From the back cover:  In the mornings, Jeanie Shaw pours herself a cup of coffee and settles in to read God’s word.  In these special times with God, he fills her  spiritual cup with his truth and guidance.  Although she is careful not to pour her coffee to overflowing, God is not as “careful.”  She finds that her cup from God overflows on a daily basis.  Hence, the title, My Morning Cup.

As Jeanie shares experiences from her life that are amazing, scary, or amusing, you will find yourself saying, “I can’t believe all this has happened to her!”  This is a Christian book, so all the stories are true.  But more important than the stories themselves is the spiritual “cup of learning” that Jeanie draws from them all…and shares with us in this fourth volume of the Wisdom for Life series of women’s devotional books.

Sample Chapters:

When There’s a Knife in Your Back; When the Toddler Falls Out; When You Get Sprayed With Gasoline; When the Person Beside You Sets Himself on Fire; When There’s a Deer in Your Bathtub; When Your House is on Fire,….   You may order directly from me at: or from

There’s a Turkey at Your Door:

Turkeys started showing up in force in my neighborhood this past year.  After some unlikely encounters with them, I began thinking about the ways we are often surprised, perplexed, discouraged, or encouraged by encounters with “life issues” that we don’t expect.  From this thought, “There’s a Turkey at Your Door and other devotional thoughts” was born. Turkey_Cover_web

In a series of short chapters that feature anecdotes ranging from the humorous to the heartwarming, There’s a Turkey at Your Door takes you on a journey to explore the Bible’s many applications to daily life. As Jeanie invites you into her life and into God’s word, you’ll laugh out loud, shed a few tears, and discover lasting spiritual insights. So come on in, the door’s wide open.

This new book by Jeanie is all about life and love. As a spiritual wife, mother, grandmother and leader, the values and loves of her life jump out on virtually every page.  These spiritual insights can not only change our day, but over a period of days can change our spiritual character.  The book contains a treasure chest of daily spirit food, a simple concept producing a profound result!  I wholeheartedly urge you to read this book – whether you are a male or female (perhaps especially if you are a male!). I promise you will be delightfully entertained and highly blessed! —Gordon Ferguson – director, Pacific School of Ministry and author of numerous Christian books

You can order the book from me or from

When the Chicken Hits the Fan:

The newest member of the “Morning Cup Devotionals” series.Chicken_Hits_Fan_Cover_low_res

“Warmth, wit, and wisdom all stuffed into one bird of a book.  In When the Chicken Hits the Fan, Jeanie Shaw has done it again–she has drawn on everyday life, much as the Teacher did, to supply spiritual insights and down-to-earth truths.  Her subjects include everything from a chicken battling a ceiling fan, to the arduous task of squeezing into Spanx, to a Weimaraner with a Facebook page and 2,000 loyal followers.  This book will encourage you, inspire you, and tickle your funny bone. It will help you not to take life so seriously…and, on the other hand to take life more seriously. -Sheila Jones, Author and Publisher

Order from me or from

Every Day is a New Chance: newest release available from Illumination Publishers (  or from

Funny. Touching. Honest. Inspiring. Hopeful. In Every Day Is a New Chance, Jeanie invites you into her life and heart as she shares her life’s conundrums, difficulties, and treasures. You will feel as if you are sitting with an old friend as you discover ways to take the best chances with your own life situations. The fourth in her “Morning Cup Devotionals” series, Every Day Is a New Chance infuses Scripture into life’s ordinary moments-transforming them to the extraordinary.



These books make great discussion groups or book club reads:

Debbie Drake sent me this kind note after using the book, My Morning Cup, for her family group’s “discussion group.”
“We had a blast. First of all, none of us can believe the things that happen to you. You remind me of the old movie “pure luck” with Martin Sheen and Danny Glover!
Secondly, your book has pointed many in a good direction of being more faithful to reading and prayer, and having our minds renewed every day. One of the girls said, ‘This book is a lifesaver for me. I’ve been struggling for a couple years, and now I am getting back into the word and  applying it to my life.’”

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