Workshops for Spiritual Growth Opportunities

I offer several specialized workshops to help women in their spiritual growth. For years I have spoken to audiences worldwide, as I am passionate about helping women better know God and understand his love for them.

  1. Understanding Goose – Our Journey Toward Wholeness.

I’ve presented this workshop in numerous states as well as in Europe, with outstanding responses. “Understanding Goose” begins with the true story of a goose, who after losing its mate searches for a place to call home. Goose is woven throughout the workshop…as we explore the issues of loss, grief, rejection, identity, trust, shame, intimacy and control— and how they affect our lives. We then look at the ways Jesus can relate to each of these issues and how he can fill these areas in our lives—making us whole.

I use various forms of media throughout this workshop. It’s best done in a 3 to 4 hour morning block, which can include an interactive lunch. I have also offered it in the form of a longer, two day retreat. Either is beneficial. You will laugh, you will cry…but most importantly I pray you will be left with:

  • A greater understanding of yourself and why you do what you do and/or think the way you think
  • a deep comfort knowing someone can really understand and relate to you
  • The knowledge of how to gain the power to change through a real relationship with Jesus
  • A place to belong
  • A confidence that you have something to offer others
  • A confidence to fly forward in faith

Here are just a few of the notes I received after the workshops.  …..

I did not know what to expect. I was afraid it would be depressing. The workshop exceeded all my expectations—it was powerful.  Gave me hope and most of all helped me to better understand God and feel loved by him. 

 I came because I thought it might help me with some of the women in my life. It was eye-opening. I found myself relating to so many of the examples.  It was so relatable—the personal experiences shared and the vulnerability.

 My book, by the same title, is a great companion to the workshop… offering questions for reflection and/or group discussion

  1. Another workshop  I  offer is entitled, “Picture, Scripture, Fixture”.   Jesus often taught with parables…life lessons based on familiar sights and happenings. Once we connect the things we see and experience with the Scriptures, they can more easily become fixtures in our minds and hearts. We take a mental picture, apply the Scripture, and let it become a fixture.

This workshop is designed to help women learn how to more fully and effectively apply the Bible to their daily and real lives. The workshop’s main lesson is accompanied by interactive activities and discussion groups to help each woman make this connection, and thus grow closer to God and others.

  1. The third workshop is called, Prime Rib—Exploring a Woman’s Value and Purpose. The goal of this workshop is to help women understand the way God has lovingly and carefully designed each of us…and created us with a purpose. Woman was formed from a rib of utmost importance, having great significance and fullest consideration…prime—thus the title of this workshop.  This is a vital concept for women of all ages to grasp.

I’m convinced that when women live loved, they live loving, and love living.

Following this workshop, using the Prime Rib book and the suggestions for “taking it deeper”, a follow-up series of lessons and discussions can be used for group discussions, outreach, and book clubs. In this book I sought to take the top ten lessons I have found to be most beneficial to women seeking to grow in their understanding of who God intends them to be… including topics such as:  Am I Really “the Help?”; Overcoming Fear, the Freedom of Forgiveness, Taking our Thoughts Captive,  Inner Beauty; and Created for Relationships

  1. The fourth Workshop, Spiritual Leadership, would not only be ideal for family group leaders or ministry leaders, but also for any woman wishing to grow in her effectiveness and influence. The workshop includes a study of three women from the Bible who exemplify particular qualities of spiritual leadership. Group sharing exercises will encourage women to better understand the gifts God has given them, as well as qualities they wish to grow stronger in.  Follow up lessons and questions are provided in my book with the same title, Spiritual Leadership for Women. In this book 24 women of the Bible are explored, along with accompanying heart searching questions.These would be great to do for any leaders’ groups, as well as women’s outreach and Bible study groups in the home or workplace.

There is one more bonus workshop….one that was born out of necessity—a  children’s workshop. While planning for a conference involving several thousand people, we had minimal venues for children during a Sunday morning session.  Figuring we would need to do something that could teach the children, while entertaining them all in one big room….I donned several teens and college students with foam heads to become Loving Lemon, Smiley Strawberry, Peaceful Pineapple, Patient Peach and….  Rotten Apple.  A grandmotherly figure — adorned with fruity attire is affectionately named Fruity Tunes. She (and her foam-headed friend) Tippety Teapot, help the singing and dancing  fruits keep the  Rotten Apple from stealing their love, peace, joy and patience by pouring Bible verses and songs on Rotten Apple.  Despite his devious antics and mean songs….the fruit troupe eventually “overcomes evil with good” as Rotten Apple’s core is reached…and he becomes Sweet Apple.  The children enjoyed this so much I decided to make this into a book as well—thus….Fruity Tunes and the Adventures of Rotten Apple. 

I don’t charge anything for any of the workshops.  I have a job.  I’m just passionate about the need for these lessons to reach the hearts of as many as possible.  These workshops also provide a great opportunity for neighbors and friends to understand the “rest for the soul” that Jesus offers.

Contact me at or if you are interested in bringing any of these workshops to your city.

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