Through A Mother’s Eyes – Mary’s monologue

…Been thinking today… as I’m busy cooking and wrapping – of the amazing and incredible difference the birth of Jesus has made in my life!  I’ve often thought about what life must have been like for Mary, Jesus’ mother – and the difference his birth made in her life.  I was able to share some of these thoughts for a Christmas service about ten years ago. I found the video footage someone had made for me (amidst some other “antiques”). Though the footage (and acting) is rough…I hope this can help you connect a little more closely to the birth of Jesus.  (Thanks to Ali Mackall, Anthony Ciotti and Diana Mouzakis for the songs they sang – clips of which I included).  Though I left out most of the singing from the program, if I were more technically astute I would have put the remainder of the songs in the background.  (I haven’t learned how to do that yet.)

Click on this link to view:    

(while the script is longer and has a copywrite...I'm eager to share it. Just please contact me. Thanks.)

Have a wonderful Christmas.  May the birth, life, death and resurrection of our Lord make all the difference in your life as well.

16 thoughts on “Through A Mother’s Eyes – Mary’s monologue

  1. I would love to have a copy of the script of Mary’s monologue – I am doing a monologue of Mary at a women’s tea this December. Please send it to me at the email listed below


  2. Hi. am interested in getting a copy of the script – i havent seen the video because it wont play but if you still have it could you please send it interested in preforming it for one of our church services in the lead up to christmas.


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