“Dad had me take a snowboard lesson; consequently he didn’t get to snowboard.”–Micah  20150307_115336

This was an observation my five-year-old grandson stated after his Saturday outing.

I love that he thought about his dad, who loves snowboarding.  I also love that he loves words, so I wasn’t surprised at his use of this particular one.


It’s a big word with a big meaning.

Think about your day. Does it ever go like this?

I didn’t get up in time. Consequently, I didn’t take time to pray and was rushed and irritated at the slowness of the person in the car in front of me. I arrived a few minutes late to work because of the stupid car. Consequently, I felt stressed all day and was short with my colleague. Consequently, she was hurt and avoided me and hasn’t spoken to me since. Consequently, I felt guilty and was self-absorbed…missing the emotional needs of my children when I arrived home. Consequently, the kids acted out…

And on and on it goes.

Or, consider these Biblical examples:

I didn’t stop to think about what God said about it…I did what seemed pleasing and right to me. Consequently, sin and death came into the world for me and every single person who came after me.—Eve

 I was really mad at my brother.  I was jealous  of him as well. After all, I did stuff for God…I just did it in a way that was easier and didn’t cost me as much. Consequently, I killed him and began the cycle of conflict and family dysfunction…the gift  that keeps on giving.—Cain

He was handsome and powerful, and my husband was away at war.  If I had said “no” to him…it could have hurt my husband’s career and turned out badly for me.  I mean, it was just going to be one time. Consequently, my husband was killed, my son died, and I was plagued with guilt and regret.—Bathsheba

I was really hungry and the food smelled so good. I couldn’t “see” my birthright…so it seemed worth it to sell it to my brother in exchange for the amazing dinner. Consequently, I lost my inheritance and I and all generations following have felt the result of the conflict this produced.—Essau

How differently things could or would have turned out if they and we followed these steps:



Consider what God says.


Seek wise counsel.

On the contrary, consider these…

I found a great treasure, and while enjoying it myself…knew it would bring joy and relief to my fellow man so shared my good fortune. Consequently, a nation was saved.—a seemingly insignificant leper who God saw as significant

 I was scared of my peers and blew it by denying I knew Jesus…but then I repented when I looked at him and remembered the Lord. Consequently, I was able to share the good news of Jesus to thousands and help begin a Jesus Revolution that turned the whole world upside down.—Peter

 I believed a man who told me the truth about myself, and showed me I was valuable and that my life had purpose. Consequently, my whole life changed for the good  and my entire city came to know Jesus.—A woman from Samaria

I overcame my fear of rejection and shame…and by faith was willing to do whatever God saw best for my life. Consequently, I gave birth to the son of God.—Mary

And most amazing of all:

 I felt the deepest love and compassion possible for you as I looked on earth and saw you wandering and lost.  I knew you needed someone to show you God…and to pay the ransom due for all the wrong choices and decisions you made.  I knew I needed to come to you and face the consequences…and give my life for you. Consequently, you have the opportunity to be completely forgiven, gain the power to live a Godly life, and to live eternally with me and our Father. I pray you choose this.—Jesus


A big word with a big meaning.

Consider your choices and consider their consequences. It can change you and can potentially change the world.  Stop. Think.  Follow God’s Word.  Pray.  Get open as you seek wise counsel.