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Since it’s Wednesday, today seems the perfect day to officially release my new book, Wednesdays With Wyndham: Godly Wisdom for Everyday Life. I realize this is a different sort of posting today. I truly hate marketing and always feel weird talking about my new books, but I also realize there is no other way to get the word out except to talk or write about them. So, thank you for reading this and most of all, thank you for your continued encouragement for me in my writing. Putting books out there feels quite vulnerable, and your encouragement makes a difference. When I wrote my first book, Jacob’s Journey, it felt like birthing a child. I thought that would be my last book, but nineteen years and fourteen books later, here we are. God keeps putting words on my heart. I hope they encourage your faith you even a smidgen (a small amount)  of how they help me.

Though some of my previous Wednesday blogs are written as chapters in this new book, there is plenty of new material, including reflections and a prayer for each chapter. I am eager to share this book with neighbors and friends. Whether people knew Wyndham or not, I pray that this book offers everyone a warm, inviting, and upbuilding opportunity for spiritual growth.

Here is an excerpt from the foreword by Gordon Ferguson:

This short volume is simply the best devotional book I have ever read, hands down. It rises above whatever I would rank second by a fair margin. I think of sermons that have made a difference in my life with God and people, and what made them have that effect. They were those which enabled me to take away one application that changed me. In a similar way, each of Jeanie’s chapters has distilled gems of wisdom (about wisdom) into bite-sized chunks that leave you full in spite of their brevity….

I am excited with anticipation for you, the reader, as you begin reading what will be a life-altering experience. I need say no more. Just start reading.

Today, Wednesday, I am offering this book at a friends and family discount of $10. After Wednesday, the regular price of $12.97 will apply (still a good deal). You can find it on at:

I want as many as possible to know about the book, so if you are so inclined it always helps if you are willing to share the link on your social media page. Also, after you read it, nothing means more to an author than a kind review. 😊

If you are looking for more reading, in October, I released a book through Illumination Publishers called The View from Paul’s Window: Paul’s Teachings on Women. These two books are completely different in style and genre. This one was the result of a three-year study. I encourage you to read it. Gordon posted about it last week, and I will include his vulnerable and kind words here.

Several years ago, Jeanie Shaw sent out an early draft of this book to me and a number of other teachers, asking for our honest input. What she had written so rattled the cage of my traditions that my response to her was very negative in both content and tone. In fact, I thought it might damage our relationship in spite of how long and close it had been. But she simply practiced what she had written about in the book. She did not cower down in the face of male aggression, but spiritually and respectfully continued to make her points and ask probing questions of me. When God helped me get my emotions in check and start engaging my brain, Jeanie helped me discover my systemic chauvinism and genderism as I began to dig more deeply into important issues of biblical interpretation. As a result, I discovered truths I had been missing and wrote a couple of articles on the topic myself, which can be found on my teaching website.

Many of the most respected teachers in our family of churches have been highly commendatory of Jeanie’s book. Among them are Tom Jones, Douglas Jacoby, Steve Staten, Michael Burns, Steve Kinnard, Ed and Deb Anton, Kay McKean, James Becknell, Tammy Fleming, and a number of other well-known leaders. Steve Kinnard, one of my favorite teachers, wrote the excellent Foreword to the book. I think it is a must-read for all disciples, male and female. After my wife Theresa read my first article on the topic, she wanted to know what to read next. Giving her the manuscript of Jeanie’s book was a no-brainer. While it is not as long (and complicated) as some books on the topic, it gets right to the heart of the issues in a very readable and understandable way. Her approach is a breath of fresh air in the world of academia where treatments of difficult topics tend strongly toward being rather difficult to read and often unnecessarily complicated. I highly commend both Jeanie and her writing on this important subject. Please read it – soon!

I pray you are able to take some time to rest (and read) over the next few weeks and to be still with God. Thank you for stopping by the “My Morning Cup” ( site. I send you my love and appreciation.

15 thoughts on “Some Good News

  1. Hi Jeanie

    Your new book sounds great ! Is it available as an e book – just looked and shipping to South Africa is $15,60….

    Thanks Michelle

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  2. Good morning jeanie. I am so excited for both your books. I preordered this one last week. And just now ordered 10 more for gifts to my Sarasota sister friends.
    I miss Wyndham’s presence in our family of churches. I miss Wyndham And it will be so special to read gleanings from his words of wisdom. And your wisdom. I am so grateful you were brave to begin sharing your writings all those years ago. We need your insights and wisdom. Thank you.
    I can relate to you birthing feeling in a very small way… I belong to a photography group on FB “expert photography insiders”. Expert? I’ve loved all the lessons I’ve learned from others photos posted. Finally I had one I wanted to put out there to the Group post which would illicit comments, input and constructive criticism. I did all the work then sat there looking at the post on my pc for probably 20 minutes before pressing “enter” and it there it went. My baby birthed 😨 . (It didn’t help that I’d posted a previous pic and simply hashtagged the group and a family member commented “expert?” a few weeks earlier lol). I don’t think I’d ever put myself “out there” like that and now I get what a big deal it is especially the first time. Anyways. Long way to say THANK YOU.
    I love you so much and am so grateful God has allowed me your friendship and sisterhood through all these years.

    Sent from KimAnn’s iPhone


    • Thank you so much for sharing this, Kim. And I thank you for your continual support and friendship. They mean so much to me. I love our times out on the deck, especially. I feel your pain with pressing “enter.” And, you are a talented photographer. I love your photographs. I find them quite amazing.
      Love you so very much. Jeanie

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  3. Good morning Jeanie I just ordered 2 of your new books (one for my dad) and also your book on Paul’s window. Excited to read both and continue to draw nearer to God because of you Xoxo Kim walters

    Kim Walters 617-429-3419 Sent from my iPhone



  4. Hi Jeanie, I love reading your blog. I hope you’re doing well, thank you for sharing your love for God and your life lessons with us. Have a Merry Christmas. Love, Fabienne Laguerre

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  5. So excited about both of these books as is Bud. I pray you can rest over the holiday as I see how you have been! Love, Kitty

    On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 12:25 AM My Morning Cup – Refilled… wrote:

    > jeanieshaw posted: “Since it’s Wednesday, today seems the perfect day to > officially release my new book, Wednesdays With Wyndham: Godly Wisdom for > Everyday Life. I realize this is a different sort of posting today. I truly > hate marketing and always feel weird talking about m” >


  6. Congratulations, Jeanie, on the release of BOTH of these long-awaited books! Congrats, Congrats, Congrats. Well done! Wooo hoooo! Good news indeed. I love Gordon’s super-enthusiastic recommendation for Wednesdays with Wyndham (love that title, so glad you chose it) — high praise from the Teacher Emeritus for you, I am so glad for you. Sending love.

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