Wednesday Wisdom With Wyndham

Happy Wednesday.

My Wednesday posts may become a bit sporadic, as I am working on an upcoming book entitled….”Wednesday Wisdom With Wyndham.” This book will have some new material as well as a collection of the old. Stay tuned for more information. In 2020, “Wednesday Wisdom With Wyndham” will take on a new slant. I find it’s always good to look at life from fresh and renewed perspectives that God gives us. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. I can’t always respond to all comments here and on Facebook, but I read every one and they mean so very much to me, and to us. Have a wonderful Wednesday, full of wisdom.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom With Wyndham

    • Jennifer, The Tidewater region of Hampton Roads is praying for you. The Millet’s of course love you with all their hearts and in turn we do to! May this new journey God has placed you bring you encouragement, growth and an opportunity to bring Him glory!


  1. Since I found these posts,I have been greatly encouraged. I have worked on resolving old hurts as they have been revealed to me here.
    Thank you.


  2. Thank you Jeanie your past posts on WWWW. Thank you for sharing your journey and the lessons you are learning about God on the way. Thank you for all the spiritual lessons and insights that you have had. I have found them encouraging, helpful, inspiring, sometimes challenging and sometimes sad. I will miss this Wednesday morning treat.
    From Clare Bryden, Birmingham Church of Christ UK


  3. Love you and Wyndham so much

    Thx also for allowing my dad to visit Monday

    Praying for you all

    Xo Kim

    Kim Mc Kown Walters Sent from my iPhone



  4. Continued prayers for God to guide, comfort, heal and strengthen not only Wyndham but you, Jeanie! Amazing to watch you do all that you do knowing that you are taking such careful care of your sweet husband. You are both never very far from our thoughts and prayers!



  5. Please include the I Lost My Keys” story. The whole world needs this to help exhonorate our own losses. No one loses their keys in our FG without being asked if they checked behind the ice maker! 🤣 You are priceless, Jeanie, and loved beyond measure. 💕
    — Dot


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