Wednesday Wisdom With Wyndham – 85

With love and deepest appreciation for your friendship…

And as the video expresses….family and friendship are the most precious memories. (The video attached is a little heartwarming end of the day from the granddaughters:-) )   

Merry Christmas from the Shaws 


PS   The anniversary video surprise turned out great!



















4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom With Wyndham – 85

  1. Well now, I seem to be sobbing with a smile on my face. That’s what you guys do. This is so precious. You all are angels on earth spreading goodness and strength and creativity. The whole, huge family…I love you all from way down in Gainesville where I’ll incorporate these memories with others that the assortment of Shaws continually produce and that enrich my life. I pray God does special things for you all and keeps you faithful and strong and leads you to all those grassy places when you need to be there.


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