Wednesday Wisdom With Wyndham – 80

Wisdom to Feel Blessed and Thankful

Today’s post is intended to say “thank you” to each of you who take the time to read these Wednesday words, week after week. Your words of encouragement, your prayers, and your comradery with us mean more than I can express. Thank you, dear friends and readers, for lovingly sharing in our journey. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for the ways you allow God to use your life to give to others. Thank you for being you. Thank you. This sign on our bedroom wall expresses well my heart. Blessed. Thankful. 

It often feels vulnerable to share some of the innermost thoughts of my soul in writing. I probably would have stopped writing these blogs months ago were it not for your encouragement. Though writing is often therapeutic for me and helpful in processing thoughts, it is also at times difficult (and brings on very late nights most Tuesdays). I write these thoughts primarily to honor a man of integrity and wisdom (who is also the love of my life). I also hope to express some of the wisdom I have gained from him (and many of you) in ways that can offer practical life lessons for growing in wisdom.

Physically, days are difficult for Wyndham (and for me as a caregiver). Spiritually and emotionally, “blessed” and “thankful” are the most appropriate words I can find to describe what we feel. God has abundantly blessed us, and we are so grateful to him for his loving-kindness, and for our family and friends. Thank you, and have a wonderful “blessed and thankful” Thanksgiving.

14 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom With Wyndham – 80

  1. Thank YOU, Jeannie, for sharing what you do. In a world that emphasizes the outward, emphasizes all that is passing away, your observations, comments, insights and perspectives are very helpful in reminding us all for what is truly important.
    The words that you and many others share about your husband are an upward call for all of us who take on the mantle of leadership and who profess to follow Jesus as Lord.
    I hope you have a “blessed and thankful” Thanksgiving. I am confident you will.

    All my best –

    Greg Jackson


  2. Your and Wyndham’s faith and perseverance in these most difficult times encourage us all as we fight the good fight and look forward to heaven where there will be no more tears and we won’t be bound by these physical bodies. Sending prayers, hugs and much love to you both and very thankful to have had those precious days together in G’ville!😘


  3. I love reading your blog every Wednesday Jeanie. Frédéric and I pray for you and your family ALL THE TIME. I have learned so much from the account of your struggles. Thank you for opening up your lives and hearts the way you have. You have no idea how many of us have been abundantly blessed by that. Have a very good Thanksgiving!


    • Mary Bea,
      Thank you so much for this encouragement. The prayers mean so very much, too. I am a little slow responding to comments So sorry, but the encouragement does mean so much. Much love to you and Frederic. We love and appreciate you very much.


  4. We love you both and wish you continual blessings.I read all that you write every week and appreciate all you and others have shared about Wyndham. He is an amazing man!


  5. Happy thanksgiving, Jeanie!! Sending our love to your family. Your life is a blessing to me and reminds me of all we have to be thankful for. You and Wyndham are a bright light in a difficult situation. Keep holding tight to God and showing the world that all things are possible with Him. Wish all our families could be together – what a loud, fun time we would have! I love you!


    On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 2:02 AM My Morning Cup – Refilled… wrote:

    > jeanieshaw posted: “Wisdom to Feel Blessed and Thankful Today’s post is > intended to say “thank you” to each of you who take the time to read these > Wednesday words, week after week. Your words of encouragement, your > prayers, and your comradery with us mean more than I can ex” >


  6. Please know that your posts have touched many and your faith during this time has inspired others to not just persevere but to do so with joy!


  7. Thank you for sharing and writing week after week. You both have been a blessing to us also who don’t know you personally. I look up to your love, faith and wisdom. God has been so good to you and he is using you in wonderful ways to impact his people. We look up to your family and look forward to every Wednesday.


  8. I love your blog and your raw honesty. It’s in the hardest times that we can find joy. I am thankful for my difficult trials; it’s deepened my relationship with and faith in God. God gives each of us exactly what we can bear. I am honored that he feels like I am strong enough to fight my battle with quadriplegia. In our trials, we are being made holy. Love to you and your family.


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