Through His Mother’s Eyes

It’s December.  The tree is up, the carols are playing and it’s cold outside.  It feels like the Christmas season has officially arrived.  Yesterday, Mike Lamb preached about having a “different” Christmas  (without stress and without succumbing to the pressures surrounding us) remembering why Jesus came. I want to take that challenge.

I am so grateful for the amazing and incredible difference the birth of Jesus has made in my life!  I’ve often thought about what life must have been like for Mary, Jesus’ mother – and the difference his birth made in her life.  Over ten years ago one of the regions asked me to share some of these thoughts for a Christmas service. Last year I found the video footage (amidst some other “antiques”) that someone had made for me. Thanks, Jeff.  Though the footage (and acting) is somewhat rough, I hope this can help you connect, perhaps in a different way, to the birth of Jesus – Through His Mother’s Eyes. Sending a special thanks to Anthony Ciotti, Ali Mackall and Diana Mouzakis for the songs they sang – clips of which I included, as well as some added background guitar by Phillip Lester (check out his Christmas music) and a short clip from the Crossroads Singers).  You can view this video at:

May you have a wonderful and life-changing December that draws you closer and closer to Jesus.

( I’ve been asked for this script.  Though it’s copyrighted, I would be very happy to send it to you if you contact me.)  


3 thoughts on “Through His Mother’s Eyes

  1. Are yo still willing to share the script of “Through His Mother’s Eyes”? I would appreciate a copy- I have been asked to do a monologue for a Senior “Young at Heart” group at a local church in December.


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