More on “Understanding Goose”

It’s almost September 1 so I won’t keep talking about geese much longer!  It’s just that this release is exciting to me, as I am passionate about the topic. I pray the book can be a helpful tool that touches lives and ultimately brings about a deeper connection with Jesus.

I sort of feel like I’ve carried twins.  I’ve been working on this book for over seven years.  It just so happens that both this book and My Morning Cup were finished about the same time.  This was my first attempt at self publishing…so this “birth” was certainly the most difficult.  The genesis of this book came from trying to understand my son, Jacob, a bit better.  As I learned so many things it became clear to me that the lessons I was learning were common needs.  Thus, the book!  If you don’t understand what a goose has to do with this journey…keep reading!

From the back cover: Beginning with the touching story of a devoted goose, this book is written for anyone who has ever felt different, rejected or empty.

Understanding Goose explores the issues of loss, grief, rejection, identity, trust, shame, intimacy and control, and how they affect our lives.  This book moves beyond mere self-analysis to help readers discover the fulfillment that comes when we look to God for healing and self-worth.  If the preface, Jeanie writes, “Without the Scriptures and a relationship with God (which secular teachings often avoid), we miss the most significant and crucial path to healing!  It is my conviction that all things work better when based on principles that have their origins in God’s word.  May you find rest for your soul as you come to ‘Understand Goose’.”

You may order now from my bookstore at   All you do is place your order and it will be shipped to you!   In a few days it will also be available on Amazon.  If you are in the area you can also place an order directly from me. Just send me an e-mail at letting me know you how many you would like to order.

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